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Itty Bitty Day at Mom’s Club

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Dear Itty Bitty Fans,

This week, on Wednesday, November 17, we visitied the Camarillo Mom’s Club East for a book reading and child development presentation.  It was great to talk to moms about how tough it can be to be Itty Bitty in a big world.  We also talked about the basic problem solving skills that are found in Itty Bitty’s new book, “Itty Bitty and the Hide & Seek Adventure.”  Children are shown the importance of understanding, planning and solving a problem.

Watching out for signs of a child being excluded and withdrawing is very important during a child’s early years.  Giving them tasks and providing rewards when the task is completed are ways to build a child’s self esteem.  This is the theme in Itty Bitty’s first book, “Itty Bitty Saves the Day.

All in all, we had great fun with mom’s and their pre-schoolers, especially when we sang the Itty Bitty song (“You Can Do BIG Things!”) together.

Here’s a picture of a pre-schooler who wanted an up front view during the book reading!

Mom’s Club - A Closer Look 

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Talk to you soon!

Armando N. Garza

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