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Itty Bitty and Koko at the Pooch Parade

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Hi, Everyone!

Itty Bitty here, and I wanted to tell you about the fun time that I had yesterday with my friend, Koko, the Service Dog.  We were at the Pooch Parade in Ventura, California!  It is a  big dog parade and get together that helps to raise money for dogs that need to be rescued and adopted.

Koko is a chocolate labrador that was trained to help his owner, Lisa Mink.  When Lisa would have an epileptic seizure, that’s kind of like a dizzy spell, Koko would call for help.  Koko is a very good friend.  Here is a picture of me, Koko, Lisa and Armando at the Pooch Parade.


You can learn more about Koko in the book “Koko the Service Dog” written by Lisa Mink.  Visit Koko and Lisa’s web site at

And don’t forget to visit us at

Well, time to go outside and play.


Itty Bitty

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