Hey, Kids!
This is Itty Bitty's latest Book!
           Hide & Seek Cover
"Itty Bitty and the Hide & Seek Adventure"

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Itty Bitty's first book is "Itty Bitty Saves the Day".

Fun Itty Bitty Facts:
1.  Itty Bitty was born on February 17, 2006.
2.  Itty Bitty is a Dachshund.  That's the type of dog that he is.  Some people
     call Dachshunds "wiener dogs" because they are long, like a hot dog!
3.  Itty Bitty's mother is named Gwenny, his grandmother is named Roxy, and
     of course, there is his Uncle Chance.
4.  Itty Bitty's sister is named Missy, and his brothers are named Scooter,
     Chewy and Rojito.  (Rojito means "little red one" in Spanish!)

Kid's Say "Thanks" to Itty Bitty

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The Art Work is Beautiful!!

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Even though you are little, you can do BIG THINGS!

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